Audit & Accelerator gives Marketo a boost


How healthy is your demand system?

As a Marketo Premier Partner, Demand Spring sits at the intersection of revenue marketing strategy, content, and technology.

Our Marketo Audit & Accelerator is designed to get your instance up to full health in no time.

We will:

  • Review and compare the state of your deployment and capabilities used in all stages of the customer lifecycle
  • Assess and recommend improvements to drive engagement, lead management, and analytics throughout the customer lifecycle

You'll get:

  • A First Findings Report within three weeks identifying initial issues found, their impact, and critical short-term recommendations
  • A Comprehensive Assessment within eight weeks identifying the issues and their impact, along with pragmatic, tangible recommendations aligned to each stage of the customer lifecycle.
  • Benchmarks for each area relative to your comparables
  • A pragmatic roadmap for instance optimization


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