On-Demand Webinar: Got Video? Get Leads.

Got Video? Get Leads.

If you have invested in video marketing but are unsure of the return from it, you need to register to watch this short, 30-minute webinar with video marketing experts from Vidyard and Demand Spring!

Learn how to:

  • Leverage video to tap into changing content consumption patterns
  • Measure video marketing ROI
  • Choose the right video format, length, and calls to action for each buyer journey stage
  • Integrate video with Marketo and Salesforce to score and nurture leads
  • Leverage Demand Spring’s Quick Start Services to optimize video strategy, creative, and integration


Delaney Turner

Director of Content Marketing
Demand Spring

Delaney is possessed of keen instincts and solid storytelling. He helps clients develop content that will convince, compel and convert. Delaney really likes his coffee. Good coffee.

Brendan McCrann

Video Marketing Strategist
Demand Spring

Though unable to leap tall buildings in a single bound, he does take video from concept to production and rockets it right through to qualified leads.

Jon Spenceley

Community Marketing Manager

Jon is passionate about helping companies get the most out of their video. He’s also a cocktail connoisseur, amateur longboarder, and is moderately popular on Twitter.